Coast Guard Proposes More Barge Parking Areas

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Highlands Current: The U.S. Coast Guard is considering 10 sites for overnight barge parking lots, called anchorage grounds, on the Hudson River between Yonkers and Kingston, including 445 acres between Beacon and Newburgh, an area large enough to berth up to five barges. There is currently only a single anchorage ground, near Hyde Park, along the 100-mile river stretch from New … Read More

“Long Term” Barge Anchorage Off Beacon’s Dennings Point?


Wigwam: The United States Coast Guard is proposing rules to establish 10 new anchorages in the Hudson River between Yonkers and Kingston. One of the sites proposed is directly off Dennings Point, with three others just south of the Newburgh Beacon Bridge. Currently there is one allowed anchorage on this stretch of the Hudson. These anchorages do not come without potential issues. It has been demonstrated that the mooring’s … Read More