Amtrak’s Proposal for New Fences and Gates along the Hudson

Amtrak has submitted a proposal to New York State to install fencing and gates at several locations along the Hudson River in Rhinecliff, Tivoli, Germantown, Stockport and Stuyvesant. The purpose of the fences and gates is to keep people safe, but these barriers will block people from access points to the the Hudson that they have enjoyed for years. The public comment period has been extended to Tuesday, May 1.  (For more, check out

From Scenic Hudson

Tivoli Shoreline

A place where people enjoy the Hudson’s beauty for fishing or kayaking or just contemplating is now threatened.

Map of Proposed Changes

Calling Protectors of the Hudson

Join Scenic Hudson and your neighbors in speaking up for your love of the river. In Dutchess and Columbia counties, Amtrak wants to install fencing and/or gates on the river’s edge at these locations in Rhinecliff, Tivoli, Germantown, Stockport and Stuyvesant where people have enjoyed access for years. The stated purpose is to keep people out of harm’s way. We must make sure barriers won’t block people from enjoying the Hudson.

File Your Comment by May 1

The public comment period has been extended to Tuesday, May 1. We’re still fighting for public meetings in the affected communities. Please submit written comments to: NYS Department of State, Office of Planning, Development & Community Infrastructure, One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12231. Telephone 518 474 6000. Fax 518 473 2464. Email Tell them access matters and that public meetings must happen.

Our View of the Issue
  • Public participation
    The public should have a voice that includes clear information and public meetings in each affected community.
  • Demonstrate need for the fences
    While we understand the need for safety, Amtrak should provide a record of past incidents in the project area and demonstrate the need for fences and gates.
  • Solutions can’t block people’s enjoyment of the Hudson
    The proposed solution must not prevent people from enjoying the river—fishing, kayaking and walking. And inspiring views of the Hudson shouldn’t be blocked. State policies protect our right to access the Hudson.

For those seeking more technical details of Amtrak’s proposal, contact Scenic Hudson Director of Land Use Advocacy Jeff Anzevino, or 845 473 4440, ext. 221.

Interactive Map

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Closeup maps of the sites

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The black-and-white maps come from the Amtrak proposal, which can be found here.
The color maps are from our Google map, here.

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