Oil barge traffic on Hudson not likely to be affected by EPA violations notice, officials say

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NorthJersey.com: The number of barges hauling crude oil on the Hudson River past some of New Jersey’s most densely-populated communities will not be immediately affected by federal air violations lodged against an oil terminal operator in upstate New York, environmental officials said Wednesday. In a violation notice sent in late July, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says Global Partners LP … Read More

Barges versus vistas on the Hudson

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westfaironline: The U.S. Coast Guard is considering new anchorages along a 109-mile stretch of the Hudson River where tugs and barges could wait out storms or wait for a high tide. That’s not going over well in river towns that have invested heavily in revitalizing their waterfronts or among environmentalists who fear more pollution. The Coast Guard has posted a proposed … Read More

Hudson anchorage meetings set for spring

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lohud.com: Residents will have a chance to say their piece about the proposed Hudson River anchorages — they’ll just have to wait until the spring to do so. Opponents of the 10 proposed anchorage sites from Yonkers north to Kingston have been vocal about their desire for a public hearing, fretting that the federal government is railroading riverfront communities with the … Read More

Critics: Plan to moor ships on Hudson hurts waterfront revival efforts

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Albany Times Union: Vessels traveling the Hudson River say they need more places to anchor as ship volume has increased at the Port of Albany, leading to congestion there. The plan submitted to the Coast Guard seeks anchorage stations, which are rest stops, along the river from Kingston to Yonkers. But the attempt to establish the stations is rippling through the riverfront communities … Read More

What You Need To Know About the Proposed Hudson River Anchorage Sites

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Westchester Magazine: A proposal to establish new anchorage grounds along the Hudson River from Yonkers to Kingston is currently under consideration by the Coast Guard as a means to improve safety and efficiency for massive barges traveling up the river. Presently, the Coast Guard is crowd-sourcing information from both elected officials and the public “to assist in determining the best way forward,” according … Read More

River is no place to park oil barges

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Ned Sullivan, president of Scenic Hudson, in the Times Union: Scenic Hudson and other environmental groups have made great strides in preserving the Hudson Valley’s scenic and ecological treasures. At the same time, communities along the river have done much to revitalize their waterfronts as exciting places to live, work and have fun. These successes have greatly enhanced residents’ quality … Read More

Coast Guard says oil barge plan makes Hudson River safer

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Peekskill Post: The federal government’s plan to anchor  barges containing oil and other cargo in the waters of the Hudson River, not far from Peekskill, has drawn sharp criticism from elected officials due to environmental and aesthetic concerns, but a spokesperson for the U.S. Coast Guard said the plan may actually make the river safer and lessen the chance of an … Read More

New York Times: Plan to Let Barges Park on the Hudson Meets Resistance in ‘River Towns’

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New York Times: Mayor Mike Spano of Yonkers likes to stroll along the Hudson River waterfront and marvel at the changes since the 1980s. Hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private investment have transformed a once forlorn riverfront marred by abandoned industry into a vibrant place where people live and play. But a proposal to allow massive barges — up … Read More