Anchors Away! Officials Unite to Oppose Expanded Anchorage

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HVNN: The New Windsor Town Park at Plum Point was the site for local officials to gather and proclaim solidarity in opposition to a proposal to expand anchorage sites along the Hudson River.

“We are united in one voice across both parties and saying ‘Come to the Hudson Valley, talk to us before moving forward,’” said Assemblyman James Skoufis. “Hold on! Not so fast! Cool your jets! Before you do anything to one of our  greatest assets here in the region, come talk to the people who live along the Hudson River.”

“My neighbors deserve to have their voices heard on issues that impact our environment, economy and public safety – especially when it comes to dangerous oil barges docked in their backyard,” added Representative Sean Maloney (NY-18), who joined Skoufis and Senator William Larkin in calling for an environmental impact study and public hearings “as soon as possible before building new anchorages – and making our beautiful waterfronts and scenic Hudson River a parking lot for large oil ships.”

“The anchorages proposal is not about safety, it’s about the oil,” asserted Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay. “Industry itself has said that these anchorages are ‘key to supporting trade’ in oil exports. Accidents around the country have shown us that crude oil cannot be recovered if it is spilled. And crude oil is poison for life in the river. This living river is healing, and we need to take great care to understand if our actions today — like re-industrialization of the Hudson — is going to damage that important goal.”  Read more.

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