Bill To Prevent Barge Anchorage Fields On Hudson Passes Legislature


Rivertowns, NY Patch: A bill aimed at safeguarding the Hudson River and local waterfront communities has passed both the Assembly and Senate in Albany. Legislation sponsored by Sue Serino, R-Hyde Park, and Didi Barrett, D-Hudson, would bolster the state’s ability to exercise its jurisdiction over the river. It specifically amends the state’s navigation law relating to the establishment of “tanker-avoidance zones” to take into consideration waterfront communities and natural habitats.

The bill now goes to Governor Andrew Cuomo for his consideration.

The U.S. Coast Guard has proposed establishing 10 new anchorage grounds along the Hudson River from Yonkers to Kingston.

If they were to come to fruition, the new grounds would allow up to 43 petroleum-carrying vessels to anchor in the 91-mile area.

Forty-two of them could anchor for up to 30 days at a time.

Serino said the Hudson River communities have worked too hard for too long on bringing the waterfront back to now see it compromised by the anchorage plan.

“This bill is critically important to ensure that the state is empowered to do all that it can to ensure that our river environment and local communities are protected,” she said.  Read more.

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