Coast Guard anchorage suspension is not a done deal, says Riverkeeper

adminNews, Riverkeeper The key word is “suspension,” not “termination” of the proposal, said Riverkeeper Vice President of Advocacy John Lipscomb.

But, on Wednesday, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) interpreted the announcement differently.

“What I am telling you is they would not have suspended future rulemaking unless they intended to move in a different direction and this proposal is effectively dead and you can judge me by that prediction,” Maloney said.

Lipscomb said they are encouraged by the Coast Guard’s decision, but it is unclear what the agency’s next move will be.

“After this information gathering, they may in fact, reinitiate the rulemaking and support the industry’s request for anchorages. It’s not clear,” Lipscomb said. “From our perspective at Riverkeeper, we hope the public will not relax its vigilance one tiny bit.”

Instead of moving forward with the rulemaking process, the Coast Guard is going to conduct a formal risk identification and evaluation of the Hudson.  Read more.

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