Coast Guard Extends Public Comment Period


Hudson Valley News Network: After Representative Sean Patrick Maloney and other Congressional leaders contacted the Coast Guard to demand an extension to the public comment period regarding proposed anchorage sites on the Hudson River, the Coast Guard announced that the comment period has been extended from September 7 to December 7.

“My friends and neighbors in the Hudson Valley have a fundamental right to make their voices heard on large-scale projects such as proposed anchorage sites – especially when the sites in question would reduce our beautiful river to a parking lot for oil ships,” said Maloney. “I will continue to work alongside our local, state, and federal officials to educate the people of the Hudson Valley on this issue and I urge everyone in our area to read-up on the proposal and take this opportunity to comment.”

The Coast Guard has proposed a rule which, if enacted, would permit the construction of ten new anchorage sites along the Hudson River for large commercial ships traveling from up-river to the port of New York. The anchorage sites would provide these ships a location to drop anchor before continuing on to the port. Read more.

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