Coast Guard releases Hudson River Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment Report


US Coast Guard Press Release: The Coast Guard made public the Hudson River Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment (PAWSA) report today from the workshops held in Poughkeepsie and Albany in November last year.

The PAWSA workshops were held in order to provide stakeholders an opportunity to assist the Coast Guard in understanding navigation safety and environmental concerns on the Hudson River. This report is a starting point for continuing dialogue with the Hudson River stakeholder community.

The most significant PAWSA workshops recommendations were:

  • To create a Hudson River Safety Committee (HRSC);
  • To increase recreational boating safety information; and
  • To clarify and remove ambiguity from current regulations.

The HRSC will provide a forum for relevant stakeholders to address concerns identified by the PAWSA with non-regulatory action, collaboration, and coordination. Although still in development, the HRSC has already held three meetings with successful outcomes and is bringing diverse stakeholders together to discuss safety and environmental interests pertinent to Hudson River waterway users and communities.

The Coast Guard plans to continue boating safety education efforts, to include coordination with State and local agencies. At the request of PAWSA participants, the Coast Guard plans to increase patrol presence on the Hudson River.

Through the PAWSA, the Coast Guard identified ambiguity in existing Hudson River anchorage regulations. The Coast Guard is currently reviewing options to address this issue.

“We will take full advantage of the stakeholder partnerships gained through the two PAWSA workshops, and work with the HRSC to discuss how to best reduce risk, and improve the safety and security of the Hudson River,” said Rear Admiral Steven Poulin, First Coast Guard District Commander.

The full report under “Hudson River, New York” can be found here:  This press release is here.

(Here’s a key passage from the report’s conclusion regarding the anchorages:

“Besides our continuing effort to support the stand-up of the HRSC the Coast Guard has not yet made any decisions regarding establishing anchorages or using other waterways management tools to manage navigation risk on the Hudson River. The Coast Guard will use this PAWSA report, together with other information, to determine whether, and to what extent, regulatory actions are needed.

“During the PAWSA workshops we acknowledged that the existing anchorage regulations are unclear, and we are considering how those regulations could be made more readily understood. We have no outcome timelines at this time. Any other substantive rulemaking effort associated with the Hudson River will follow Coast Guard public notice and comment rulemaking procedures to allow for public participation in the process.”)

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