Cortlandt Asks Public’s Help In Battling Barge Anchor Proposals


Daily Voice: Cortlandt is asking the public to back it in its fight against a proposal to build barge anchorages in the Hudson River.

Supervisor Linda Puglisi said the Town Board voted unanimously last week to formalize its opposition to the U.S. Coast Guard plan.

It has asked the agency to have public hearings on the plan in Cortlandt and it wants residents to weigh in by commenting on the website

According to the site , the marine security organization is floating plans for 10 new anchorage grounds from Yonkers to Kingston.

The one that concerns Cortlandt would be a 127-acre site built off Montrose. It would accommodate up to three vessels. There also would be an 98-acre site between Verplanck and Tompkins Cove for another three vessels.

Puglisi said the town is opposed to the plans for several reasons, the main one being is that barge anchors are eyesores. They would, she said, be detrimental to the “visual aesthetics of the Hudson.”  Read more.

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