Don’t turn Hudson River into ‘parking lot,’ congressional candidate Teachout urges

Kingston Daily FreemanNews

Kingston Daily Freeman: The proposal to establish commercial ship anchorages at 10 locations on the Hudson River is essentially a request to turn the waterway into a parking lot, Democratic congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout said Wednesday.

“This is explicitly a request for this to become a parking lot,” Teachout said during a campaign stop on the Maurice D. Hinchey Promenade along the Rondout Creek in Kingston.

She said she is against the anchoring proposal because it poses nothing but risks to the communities along the river, including possible oil spills, terrorist attacks against oil barges and harm to the area’s tourism industry.

“And essential to the tourist industry is protecting the absolutely breathtaking beauty of the Hudson River,” Teachout said. “I don’t want people on the Walkway Over the Hudson to be looking down over oil barges. That isn’t good for our local economy.”  Read more.

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