Dutchess legislature on record opposing anchorages, but it was not unanimous


MidHudsonNews.com: Dutchess lawmakers joined counterparts in Ulster and Orange counties in opposing the commercial marine industry’s request of the Coast Guard to expand barge anchorages in the Hudson River.  Most county legislators, on both sides, concurred, but Republican Alan Surman said his colleagues were not looking at the big picture.

“The shipment of oil down the Hudson River has been going on for years, mostly through very, very long freight trains and they are more problematic,” he said, noting the derailment in Newburgh last week.   “Transporting oil by barge is far safer,” Surman said, arguing the county has no business involving itself in interstate commerce.

Democrat Minority Leader Micki Strawinski said Surman is missing the point.

“The resolution talks about anchoraging these barges, berthing them in several places along the Hudson River,” Strawinski said.  “We all believe that this, many of us believe that this is a very dangerous thing and could cause us more problems.”

The memorializing resolution passed with one dissent, from Surman

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