Food & Water Watch asks supporters to contact Cuomo to sign the legislation


Dear Supporter,

We did it! The Coast Guard suspended its proposal to add more anchorage sites for fracked-oil barges on the Hudson River! 

That’s great news, but we’re not done yet.

Because the proposal could come back in the future, we need to make sure Governor Cuomo signs the bill strengthening New York’s ability to protect the Hudson from fracked oil.

The Coast Guard’s decision comes after months of grassroots organizing, building people power in opposition to this dangerous plan! Last fall, Food & Water Watch supporters like YOU submitted nearly 2,000 comments in opposition to increasing oil barge traffic on the Hudson.

With the Coast Guard’s proposal looming, we worked with our allies at Scenic Hudson and Riverkeeper to convince Albany lawmakers to strengthen protection of the Hudson River from fracked oil. Thanks to YOU, we generated over 4,000 emails and hundreds of phone calls to the legislature, which led to its decision at the end of June to pass a bill to increase New York’s oversight over oil barges on the river.

Make sure Governor Cuomo finishes the job by signing the bill to protect the Hudson.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard has agreed to conduct a risk assessment of its proposal. We will work with our allies to ensure that the public’s voice is adequately represented in this review process. While the Coast Guard’s proposal is temporarily halted, it is imperative that Governor Cuomo sign legislation passed in Albany, so that New York has increased authority to help block any future attempts by the Coast Guard to revisit this plan.

Urge Governor Cuomo to sign this key legislation into law to protect our communities and environment!

Thanks for your persistent activism,

Food & Water Watch

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