In wake of upstate fuel spill, concerns about oil barges in Hudson increase


Peekskill Post: Last week’s fuel spill at the Port of Rensselaer in Albany, caused by an equipment failure during a thunderstorm, has local politicians and environmentalists renewing their call to stop the Coast Guard’s proposed plan to install a slew of barge anchorages containing oil and other cargo in the Hudson River near Peekskill.

Though the leak of some 600 gallons of gasoline is being controlled in a secondary containment, Sen. Terrence Murphy and others are pointing to the accident as an example of the environmental risk that would accompany oil barges in the Hudson between Yonkers and Kingston.

Murphy also called for an environmental impact statement to be conducted, and Coast Guard spokeswoman Chief Warrant Officer Allyson Conroy reiterated to The Peekskill Post Thursday that an environmental impact study will take place as the initial stages of the process progress.  Read more.

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