Key bill on anchorages passes State Assembly 93-2; Senate must act soon


Riverkeeper: On Tuesday, June 20th, the New York State Assembly passed legislation — by a vote of 93-2 — to help protect the Hudson and waterfront communities from dangerous oil barges and the unnecessary anchorages requested by industry.

In order for the legislation to make it to the Governor’s desk, the state Senate must pass S.5197b (Serino), through the Rules Committee chaired by Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan.

The legislation (S.5197b/A.6825b) would allow the state Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner to better protect areas of the river that are important habitat for wildlife, as well as areas that are near waterfront communities, from new barge anchorages that could support a massive expansion of crude oil shipments through the Hudson Valley.

With just hours left in the 2017 legislative session, Riverkeeper and other local environmental groups are calling on the Senate leadership – Majority Leader Flanagan and Deputy Majority Leader DeFrancisco – to ensure that this legislation makes it onto the powerful Rules Committee agenda and the floor of the Senate.

Given the unprecedented public outcry to the proposed re-industrialization of the river, the Senate leadership is being urged to pass the bill.

Here’s how you can help.

Call Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan: (518) 455-2071

Call Senate Deputy Majority Leader John DeFrancisco: (518) 455-3511

What to Say:
Hi, I’m (name) from (town). I’m calling to ask the Senate to pass S.5197a (Serino) and ensure that the “Tanker Avoidance Zone” bill becomes law.

You can also tell your Senator that:

  • The Legislature needs to act quickly before the session ends on Wednesday.
  • The Coast Guard could move forward with a rulemaking process to establish new anchorage sites on the Hudson River at any time.
  • More oil barge traffic would put the Hudson at a greater risk for devastating oil spills, threaten drinking water supplies, and undermine millions of dollars that river towns have spent revitalizing their waterfronts.

Thank you for calling. Please click below to follow up with an e-mail to your state senator.

Learn more at Riverkeeper’s campaign hub

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