Oil barge anchorage plan threatens Hudson I swam in as a child


lohud.com: As a concerned New Yorker who grew up along the Hudson River, I urge the Coast Guard to reject adding more oil barge “parking spots” on the Hudson.I was raised in Palisades, along the Hudson River. Life revolved around the river. In the summers, I would play along the waterfront in Piermont and Nyack, and spend hours swimming with family and friends. These rivertowns teem with people enjoying the river’s natural beauty as I did as a child. I have observed the restoration of the waterfront over the

My concern today is there are 43 proposed new anchorage sites from Yonkers to Kingston to be used for commercial barges carrying crude oil to the Albany port for export. More oil on the Hudson could lead to devastating spills, which would damage the ecosystem and greatly impact recreation and tourism.  Read more.

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