Residents petition against Hudson River barge plan


News 12 Westchester: Residents who live along the Hudson River are petitioning against a plan that would create new anchorage sites for commercial barges along the river. The barges would stretch from Yonkers to Kingston, where communities have invested millions of dollars to clean up and improve their waterfronts. Since many of the barges would carry petroleum, opponents worry about environmental issues.

Other opponents, including state Sen. Terrence Murphy, say they are also concerned with economic and safety issues. “Look at the world we live in, nowadays. It’s a very high-security risk of putting unmanned barges there and unlit barges there and keep them there until they are ready to get rid of them,” he said.

The online petition against the plan already has 1,600 comments, and has been extended to December.  A public hearing is scheduled to take place in Cortlandt on Oct. 19 so people can voice concerns and ask questions.  Read more.

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