Scenic Hudson asks Homeland Security to sink anchorages

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Westfair Communications: An environmental group has asked the Department of Homeland Security to stop a proposal to create anchorages on the Hudson River before Donald Trump becomes president.

Ned Sullivan, president of Scenic Hudson Inc., cited security concerns in a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson. The letter is dated Nov. 21 but released to the news media on Dec. 20.

Maritime interests have asked the U.S. Coast Guard, an agency of Homeland Security, to establish 10 anchorages for 43 vessels, from Yonkers to Kingston.  The Coast Guard has logged more than 10,000 public comments on an advanced notice of public rulemaking.

An advanced notice is not an actual proposed rule, Sullivan said in a phone interview, so he believes Johnson has the authority to direct the Coast Guard to stop the process.  Read more.

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