Scenic Hudson: Take Action — We Can’t Let the Hudson Become a Waterborne Crude Oil Facility

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Scenic Hudson: The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is considering the adoption of regulations that would establish new anchorage grounds for commercial vessels along the Hudson River at 10 sites located between Yonkers, Westchester County, and Kingston, Ulster County. In essence, these are huge parking lots for barges, many of which likely would contain volatile crude oil awaiting shipment to East Coast refineries.

In addition to posing a significant environmental risk—what one opponent has called “a disaster waiting to happen”—the plan could jeopardize the great strides communities have made in revitalizing their riverfronts. It also would imperil the region’s scenic splendor—imagine hiking to the top of a mountain only to gaze down upon a pileup of barges—as well as access to the river and the safety of those engaged in paddling, sailing and motorboating. For all of these reasons, the proposal has drawn condemnation from elected officials and environmental groups and is prompting extensiive press coverage.

The Coast Guard needs to hear from you

In a strongly worded letter to the USCG, Scenic Hudson expressed our deep concerns about the plan and the need for public involvement and transparency in the process. The USCG has agreed to conduct public hearings in riverfront communities next spring. In the meantime, it is seeking online public comments through Sept. 7.

We urge you to join us in speaking out against this ill-conceived proposal. To do so, visit this page and click on the “Comment Now!” button. Let the USCG know that this plan endangers all the work we’ve accomplished to make the Hudson River cleaner and more accessible—the foundation of the valley’s $5-billion tourism economy and the region’s ongoing economic development.

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