Scenic Hudson urges public to call elected officials this week, before time runs out to avoid oil disaster

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Scenic Hudson: NYS Senate Temporary President John J. Flanagan needs to hear from you today to advance legislation that could protect our Hudson River and Hudson Valley communities from a major oil accident—explosion or spill—that could threaten our health and our economy and jobs. Time is running out before the state legislature goes into summer recess.

Call State Sen. Flanagan TODAY at 518 455 2071. Tell him you support the tanker avoidance legislation (S.5197b) and it should move ahead to a vote.

Nine of the 10 proposed oil barge anchorages in the Hudson River—“parking lots” for 43 massive barges carrying crude oil and other hazardous chemicals—lie within state-designated Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitats considered irreplaceable. The pending bill would enable the state Department of Environmental Conservation to establish Tanker Avoidance Zones based on the proximity of these fragile and sensitive habitats, environmental justice areas, contaminated areas and other concerns of waterfront communities.

We know you love the Hudson and know how to sound your voice to protect it and your neighbors. PLEASE CALL TODAY.

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