Shipping Industry Lobbies for More Hudson River Anchorage


Global Trade Magazine: Traffic on the Hudson River may not be as congested as it is in the Lincoln Tunnel that transports motorists underneath the river from New Jersey into Manhattan. But commercial vessels are a frequent sight along the waterway, and a proposal is now under consideration to provide these ships with more places to drop anchor.

The Maritime Association of the Port of New York/New Jersey Tug and Barge Committee, in association with the Hudson River Port Pilot’s Association and the American Waterways Operators, are lobbying for ten additional anchorage locations between Yonkers and Kingston, including sites at Tomkins Cove and Montrose, all north of New York City.

The Coast Guard requested public feedback on the plan and they’re getting it—more than 2,000 comments thus far—along with strongly worded objections from several city and county officials, as well as environmental organizations. Read more.

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