Take action to stop short-sighted anchorage plan


Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial: The Hudson River has withstood the worst elements that human beings have thrown at it over the years – industrial pollution, overdevelopment on the shorelines, leaking sewers, hazardous materials tossed over the banks and into the water.The perilous list goes on. But, over the last decade, a concerted effort has been made to take back the river and restore its health. And communities up and down the majestic Hudson have revitalized their waterfronts and no longer turn their backs on the river.

Still, grave threats remain. They must be met with fierce resistance. In one particular case, the public has time — at least until Tuesday — to express its stiff opposition to a dangerous plan to build as many as 10 commercial shipping anchorages on the river, including near Kingston, Milton, Newburgh and Port Ewen.The Coast Guard’s proposal, carried out on behalf of industry’s request, must be beaten back. The government is supposed to be responsible for public safety and the river’s health. Therefore, it should not be complicit in a faulty, shortsighted plan that likely would increase the odds of a river catastrophe.  Read more.

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