The public’s right to know: Palatine supervisor writes letter to editor on anchorages


Kingston Times: The U.S. Coast Guard is moving forward, full steam ahead, with plans to build multiple anchorage sites along the Hudson River. I am deeply concerned that there has been such a short, and poorly publicized open comment period and that there are zero plans to hold public hearings to inform the public about these anchorage sites.

The simple reality is, our communities are going to be impacted by these proposed plans and yet our residents are being given nearly no time or information to understand what is happening. Government has a responsibility to keep citizens informed about plans that will impact on our lives, and we should all be deeply concerned that currently this responsibility is being ignored. That is simply unacceptable, and the U.S. Coast Guard must halt these plans and truly inform us about what these anchorages will mean for our drinking water, our quality of life, and our property values.

— Sara Niccoli, Town of Palatine supervisor

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