Ulster County lawmakers want Coast Guard to hold local hearing on Hudson River anchorage plan


Daily Freeman: Ulster County Legislature Chairman Ken Ronk wants the U.S. Coast Guard to hold a hearing in Ulster County on a proposal to establish anchoring sites on the Hudson River for large vessels.

Ronk, R-Wallkill, has sent a letter, signed by himself and several other county lawmakers, asking for the hearing and offer the Legislature’s meeting room as a possible location.

“Being that we are going to be greatly affected by this, I think it would behoove the Coast Guard to hold a hearing here to allow for the most public discussion,” Ronk said.

“Our residents here in Ulster County are going to be among the most affected by these anchorages because we have a lot of scenic and recreational areas along the river near these proposed anchorage locations,” he added.

Later this month, Ronk said, the Legislature will take up a resolution putting the body on record as opposing the anchoring sites, which are proposed for 10 spots on the river between Kingston and Yonkers.

While he hasn’t polled county legislators, Ronk said he expects widespread support for the measure when it comes up for a vote. “There’s really been bipartisan support at all levels of government saying that this isn’t right for our community,” he said.  Read more.

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