Winnakee Land Trust speaks out against Hudson River commercial anchorages

adminNews The Winnakee Land Trust based in Rhinebeck has come out opposed to a proposal to establish commercial anchorage fields in the Hudson River between Kingston and Yonkers.

Land Trust Executive Director Gregg Swanzey said his organization is committed to protection and preservation of the natural, agricultural, cultural, scenic, historical, and open space resources of its territory and he noted Rhinebeck fronts on the Hudson River.

“We cover the northern Dutchess County area and there are easements and protected lands that front right on the river,” Swanzey said. “And through us or Scenic Hudson and some of the other organizations, we have a lot of stake in protecting the region. It’s our mission.”

The Coast Guard, which is considering the proposal by the commercial boating industry, is accepting public comments for several more days.  Read the letter.

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