Yonkers Mayor critical of Coast Guard stakeholder selection for anchorages study


Mayor Michael Spano of Yonkers is asking the US Coast Guard to reconsider its selection of local municipal stakeholders at its upcoming Hudson River Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment workshops this month.

The process is an opportunity for stakeholders, including municipalities in the Hudson River Watershed Alliance, to evaluate safety hazards, potential mitigation measures and their impacts concerning the proposal to add 43 new barge anchorages on the river from Yonkers to Kingston.

Of the 45 participants selected for the workshops, only three municipalities were selected – Hastings-on-Hudson, Tarrytown and Croton-on-Hudson.

“Excluding representatives of local riverfront communities as well as maritime experts, and prohibiting access to the list of invited participates to the PAWSA workshops, undermines the entire PAWSA process and puts into question the motive and integrity of the USCG in conducting a comprehensive, balanced and transparent assessment of risks on the Hudson,” said Spano. “The people of our communities deserve direct local representation in any public process such as this in which the outcome could impact their local natural resources and quality of life.”

The Hudson River Watershed Alliance includes communities along the river from Yonkers to Kingston.  Read more.

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